Tetris within tweetable only 140 bytes


Speaking of Twitter, there is a 140 character limit on one tweet. What I write in this short time is miso, but it is burning because there are restrictions! People say "140 byt.esWe gathered on the site called "JavaScript code of tweet size (140 characters or less)".

The twitter size Tetris is produced there.

Tetris In 140 Bytes

Here you can move "#", which was taken as Tetrimino by sample, cursor keys. If you align five horizontally properly, you will disappear from one line, and if you keep erasing it will speed up.

Binary Tetris

Source code is kore. Since it is 138 half-width characters (138 bytes), it is a size that can be tweeted on Twitter.

Binary Tetris - 140 byt .es - Gist

Although it certainly fulfills the basic rule of "It disappears when aligning in one row", it is a very lonesome game because there are nine kinds of Tetrimino which are features of Tetris, and if you hold down the left and right cursor keys, Tetrimino We have various problems, such as moving beyond the left and right walls and the display being buggy.

It is awesome to have it within 140 characters, but whether it can be expressed as Tetris ......

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