"WX02A Yedenwa" super quick hit photo review, the ultimate form that the young and old can use

Recruitment held todayWillcom 's latest model released on Fall / Winter 2011 model "WX 02 A YedenwaWe will deliver a photo review of.

"Willcom flat rate plan" which can make a flat rate call between subscribers, "Call withdrawal" such as "Anyone can pay a fixed amount" where calls within 10 minutes to other cellular phones and fixed phones etc. are free up to 500 times per month It is a terminal which can also be called "the ultimate form" in a certain sense, which can be used by all users to the advantage of old and new.

Among the announced this time, this "WX02A Yedenwa" is unusual. In spite of saying "This idea was not ... ..." comes out with a word, it is a very unique model. By the way, the model shot this time is a prototype machine, specifications etc may differ from the product version.

I just removed the handset.

The key looks like this. It seems like an ordinary stationary phone, but it is a revolutionary PHS terminal.

Infrared port mounted on the bottom of the main unit. It is very convenient because you can transfer phone book from mobile phone etc only.

PHS antenna

There are power supply terminal, power switch and microUSB terminal on the back.

And surprisingly the back

Usually it is driven by AC power, but you can carry it if you put in 4 AA batteries. Wilcom 's "second free" contract is contracted, it can be used for various purposes, such as substituting for fixed lines at home, for offices such as temporary offices made with pre-bubble, and even emergency telephone at disaster Although it is a big feature, is not it quite unique?

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More main body photos added. When you are on standby

During a call

WILLCOM | NEW LINEUP 2011 Autmun & amp; Winter

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