"Nuisance phone checker" that connects to a fixed phone and judges what kind of counterparty the opponent judges by one shot Quick movie & photo review

Among the new products of WILLCOM announced on July 4th, the unsolicited telephone countermeasure tool for stationary phones is particularly "Nuisance phone checker WX07A"is. Check the phone number of the called party and notify the user in an easy-to-understand manner whether or not to answer the phone. Moreover, it is also possible to register permission of acquaintance's number or to reject the number of the other party not wanting to answer the phone.

Nuisance phone checker | product information | WILLCOM (WILLCOM)

This is a nuisance phone checker which is impressive with an antenna stretched with peen.

The back of the main body looks like this.

On the back side are a telephone / telephone line connection port, and a power port is on the right end.

There are no buttons, ports etc. especially on the side.

To select the operation method, select the number from the call history up to the right of the main body, press the "Permit" button with the number displayed, register as a secure phone number on the main body, press "Reject" You can register numbers as unwanted calls. 300 permission registration / rejection registration is possible for both.

When actually using it, install it between a fixed phone and a telephone line with this kind of feeling.

It is a worker who receives unsolicited phone information accumulated in WILLCOM 's nuisance phone server from the PHS line while waiting and updates the unsolicited phone checker' s annoying phone list to the latest one.

An unsolicited phone checker lights up yellow while an incoming phone number is not registered.

I can understand the state of receiving incoming from a number that is not actually registered by watching the movie.

Nuisance phone checker arrives unregistered phone (yellow lit) - YouTube

When an incoming call from a number registered in the authorization number is received, the user notifies by blue lighting.

When you receive a call from the number you are registering for permission it looks like the following movie.

Incoming call (number lit in blue) from number permitted by unsolicited phone checker - YouTube

The incoming call from the number registered in the rejection number or the number registered in the server as a nuisance phone, it is obvious that the nuisance phone checker flashes in red and should not be answered on the phone.

You can tell from the following movie how the nuisance phone checker will flash when the red flashes.

Nuisance phone checker receives an unsolicited call (flashing red) - YouTube

In addition, the annoying phone checker is available on July 4th, from a total of 700 yen / month totaling 210 yen plus basic charge of 490 yen.

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