Willcom will implement 'another free campaign' for the second month if you subscribe for 1 second

Willcom, which began in December last year with the option "fixed with anyone", which makes free calls to other companies' mobile phones and other companies in the industry, will charge a monthly fee for the second on a single contract "One more free campaignFrom today.

Basically, since WILLCOM's calls are free of charge for 24 hours, not only can you enjoy free calls between the 1st and 2nd party, but also for both the 1st and 2nd free email for other companies is free It becomes a campaign which is extremely usable such as becoming it.

Details are as below.
WILLCOM | About the implementation of "Another free campaign" - The second "New WILLCOM flat-rate plan S" monthly fee will be charged for free if you subscribe to one ~

According to Wilcom 's press release, when new contracts are made at the same time at the same time with the designated plan (the first line: "New WILLCOM flat rate plan S" + "fixed even with anybody", the second line: "New WILLCOM flat rate plan S"), It seems that we will carry out "another free campaign" which will make the monthly fee (1450 yen) of the new contract contracting fee of "New WILLCOM flat rate plan S" free.

The acceptance period is for today's users who newly sign up for the first line and the second line at the same time under the same name and the same billing party from today Friday, January 21, 2011 to Tuesday, May 31, 2011 (Tuesday). In addition, it can not use other than family and relatives.

The usage image looks something like this. Because the monthly usage fee of the "New WILLCOM Fixed Price Plan S" on the second line is free, even if you use "anyone with fixed amount" on the second line you can only add 980 yen per month.

Incidentally, even after the end of the campaign period, the monthly fee for the second line is free, but if you meet the following conditions it will not be free so be careful.

* When cancellation of the line of the first line and the option "fixed amount with anyone" is canceled.
* When you can separate requests for the first line and the second line.
* When the first line or the second line is changed to a charge course other than "New WILLCOM flat rate plan S".
* When the name of the contract or the claim name is changed to a corporation.

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