Terminals for "XGP", WILLCOM's Next Generation PHS Network

WILLCOM announced their new "XGP" mobile network service based on PHS technology, to be launched on April 27th in limited area. Here's our photo review of the terminals and base-station devices.

Read on for details and pics.
This is the base-station to provide "XGP", WILLCOM's next generation PHS network.

Two card-type terminal for "XGP" connection.

"GX000N" by NEC INFRONTIA and "GX000IN" by NetIndex.

"GX000N", you can see a SIM card slot on the near side.

Product description board for "GX000N". Weight & Dimensions are 56(W) x 10(D) x 115(H) mm, 50g.


"GX000IN" is a bit smaller and lighter, 54(W) x 7.5(D) x 110(H) mm, 45g.

Compare it side by side.

As of 13:27 Apr. 22, 2009, details including the service rate and terminal's prices undisclosed.

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