Indeed it introduces the capabilities of 21.6 Mbps communication service of mobile broadband and EM · mobile in movies

EMobile can realize outdoor communication speed comparable to ADSL which is the first mobile phone at the press conferenceWe announced "21.6 Mbps communication service" and corresponding terminalHowever, this time we introduce the capability of 21.6 Mbps communication service in the movie.

In addition, we will also provide a photo review of "D31 HW" which will be a compatible terminal.

Details are as below.
This is the terminal corresponding to 21.6 Mbps communication service "D31 HW".


There is a slide switch on the side.

Sliding the switch will allow you to insert the USB port.

Where I connected to a personal computer

A demonstration of 21.6 Mbps communication conducted inside the hall is like this. Despite the fact that many reporters use e-Mobile's line, we have achieved nearly 19 Mbps reception speed.

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