"Ultra Mobile WILLCOM D 4 (huge)" haste photo review

So, with the world's first Atom processor mounted "Ultra Mobile WILLCOM D 4 (D-Four)We touched on the venue of the press conference promptly and photographed so we will send a simple photo review.

Details are as below.
Cradle sold separately.

I just opened it.

I tried to open it completely. It is possible to wake up the screen to a fairly steep angle.

The back side looks like this. There is a camera in the upper right. Exhaust vents in the center ......?

I ordered it with Ados. It may be as large as EM · ONE.

Operation with touch pen is possible.

The AC adapter is similar to a PC.

Navi service is available.

The thickness is fine.

The key arrangement is almost the same as W - ZERO 3.

The screen is bright and easy to see clearly.

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