WILLCOM 's latest smart phone "Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es]" photo review

It was officially announced on Thursday, June 7, The release date is the other dayI decided on July 19th (Thursday)WILLCOM 's smartphoneAdvanced / W - ZERO 3 [es]However, as I was able to borrow this time, I immediately touched it.

The latest smartphone OS "Windows Mobile 6In addition to adopting a CPU and memory, the 3-inch mobile ASV liquid crystal which can display wireless LAN and wide VGA (800 × 480 dots), Jog function which can operate applications such as screen scrolling easily by tracing simply Despite mounting the built-in cursor key "Xcrawl", the width is 50 mm, making it a very compact terminal that is easy to fit in the hand.

By the way, because it is not a product version but a prototype machine, it may be that the product version and the specification may be different in this case.

Details are as follows.
The outer box looks like this.

"Dear W-ZERO 3 owner" and that.

I opened the box.

It is main body, USB cable, AC adapter.

It also contained something like this. Apparently this is like a stylus.

This is the AC adapter. Since it is a prototype, voltage specifications are not written.

Conventional objects and shapes have been changed drastically for connectors. As it is, it is unlikely that you can use the existing W - ZERO 3 series charging cable or external battery.

This is a USB cable. Specification change is not done.

The body looks like this. The circle under the LCD screen is a cursor key "Xcrawl" with a built-in jog function that allows you to operate the application easily, such as scrolling by simply tracing.


I just opened it. The keyboard has 4 steps, and the number keys are omitted. To enter a number, you can input by pressing the Fn key and "Y" or "U" at the same time.

It looks like this when turned inside out.

Speaker is visible in the upper right.

Camera can switch between normal shooting mode and closeup mode. The number of pixels is 1.31 million pixels.

I just opened the back cover. Although the battery is contained, the specification is still unknown.

I tried removing the battery.

There is a W - SIM slot on the top of the main unit.

W-SIM is "Net Index Inc."RX420IN". It is a model called "Blue Ear" compatible with advanced communication standard W-OAM.

USB miniB port on the left side.

On the lower left side there is a connector to connect the AC adapter. Again the shape is different from conventional.

On the lower right side is a flat terminal for earphone microphone.

There is a switch that can lock the key operation on the bottom right of the main unit.

In the upper right is a button to change the direction of familiar screen. Below is the microSD slot.

I opened the microSD slot lid.

Though it touched the impression, thanks to the lateral width becoming 50 mm,W-ZERO 3YaW - ZERO 3 [es]Unlike, you can have quite a sense of incongruity. It is a big point that makes it easy to have a shape with a slightly curved dial key part. When closed it feels like a straight type mobile phone with a large screen LCD. It is 157 g, which is significantly lower than the weight of 220 g of W - ZERO 3 and 175 g of W - ZERO 3 [es], so it does not feel heavy even compared to normal mobile phones. Also from this time, the "Xcrawl" which can be operated just by tracing can make scrolling of the screen much easier, so I am glad that the necessity of the stylus is decreasing.

And although it is a full keyboard, although the number key is omitted, the key itself is exciting and the key itself is larger than [es], so it is easier to input. Especially in [es] it is recommended for those who said the keys were too small to hit.

That is, it is too compact Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es], but I compare how compact it is actually with the previous W - ZERO 3 series. Continued from the following.

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