Culmination of W-ZERO 3 series, Willcom smartphone "WILLCOM 03" thorough photo review

It was officially announced on May 26 (Monday), WILLCOM 's smartphone scheduled to be released late JuneWILLCOM 03As I was able to lend it, I immediately touched it.

Despite its performance exceeding the Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es] launched last year, it has become a more compact size that fits more easily, built in Bluetooth and the one - seg tuner that was expected, a two - mode illumination key It has become quite an ambitious terminal, such as realizing "Full Flat Surface" with no irregularities on the operation button by adopting it.

By the way, because it is not a product version but a prototype machine, it may be that the product version and the specification may be different in this case.

Details are as follows.
This is "WILLCOM 03". The main body color is "gold tone".

I set it sideways. We adopt 3 inch WVGA (800 × 480) liquid crystal.

I tried lighting the illumination key. It is "cursor key mode".

This is "dial key mode"

The back side looks like this. There is an infrared communication port next to the camera with auto focus of about 2 million pixels. At the far right is the one-segment antenna.

I set up a one-segment antenna.

The battery is like this. It is a little less than 1540 mAh which is the capacity of the battery installed in Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es].

MicroUSB terminal is mounted on the bottom. We use this terminal for both charging and data transfer from this time. On the left side is the speaker.

Right side. It is a screen rotation (or camera activation) key from the right, one Seg key, illumination switching / power key, key lock switch, desktop holder connection terminal. Desktop holder is sold separately.

MicroSD card slot.

There is a W - SIM slot at the top.

A flat earphone / microphone terminal is on the lower left side surface. "Spacer" is unnecessary as in Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es].

The reset button is on the top of the keyboard.

AC adapter.

The size is the same as that of Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es].

The specifications of the AC adapter are the same. It is just a pattern that the specifications of the connector are simply different.

I compared the connectors. The top is the power / power terminal of Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es], the bottom is microUSB terminal of WILLCOM 03.

This is a USB cable. It supports charging via USB from this time.

I also compared it with the USB mini-B terminal adopted so far. Although microUSB terminal is thin, is this thinness the reason why the terminal was changed this time?

It compared with the conventional W - ZERO 3 series. In this way you can see that he has steadily evolved.

Overlapped with Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es]. The width is the same, but the height is quite different.

Although I touched it, I was surprised that the size and function of the liquid crystal remained as it was, and it was considerably more compact than Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es]. Weight has also been reduced from 157 g to 135 g, making it easier to carry around to a mobile phone like.

And although it is a full keyboard, although the key itself is smaller than Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es], because key tops are exciting, keys like W - ZERO 3 [es] were small It is not easy to strike. Illumination key also recognizes input as well as I thought, so if you get used to it, I will be able to use it as it is.

Also, because it corresponded to charging via the included USB cable, it became unnecessary to carry the AC adapter like when selling Advanced / W - ZERO 3 [es] Is not it a nice thing for those who want to use it?

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