Animal that made an unusual appearance in the world

There are many kinds of animals all over the world, and they have various shapes and shapes at the end of each different evolution, but let's take a look at those with particularly high impact among them.

Pictures are as follows.MaluponeIt is around 130 cm at the world's biggest ticket. .

A picture that shows how big it is. It seems to be synthetic, it seems real.

MatamataIt is called a tortoise. The name "Mata Mata" means local indigenous peoples' spruce "skin".

MaraA rare species of mouse.

SaigaA very nose of a great antelope called.

Hoshi vanamora. The nose is distinctive and it looks like there is another face.

An animalA long mouse with a long nose. From its long nose it is also called "elephant - shrews".

Miyubi Harimogra. Physical condition 45 ~ 90 cm, body weight 5 ~ 10 kg and it is considerably bigger than gullfish.

Hime Armadillo. It is fairly small in Armadillo with a body length of 90 - 115 mm. Endangered species.

A rat that has big ears like a chihuahua named Oomimi Tibedumi and jumps like a kangaroo. Endangered species.

A valuable picture taken by Momi Tabini.
YouTube - The long-eared Jerboa

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