Quick Photo Review on KDDI'S "PLY" and "PRISMOID" handset for "iida" line

Here's the closeup photos for KDDI's "iida" line headsets announced today at press conference. Both "PLY" and "PRISMOID" are unique enough to arouse our material desire.

Read on for detail.

Left: "PRISMOID" designed by Naoto Fukasawa Right:"PLY" designed by Hideo Kanbara

"PRISMOID" is chamfered and takes totally opposite approach from "INFOBAR"

Adopted clamshell design.

LCD is deep-set a bit.

The keys are easy to press, giving good handling with chamfered body.

Side OEL display shows letters like this.


"PLY" adapted layered design.

Adopted1slide-out keypad.

Looks like hand note with index labels.

Slide switches on the right side.

A lock key.

Each keys have different functions.

Back side.

A keypad.

Go to the official site for more detailed specs.

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