Video of KDDI's new LIGHT POOL illuminated with LED

KDDI's new cellphone handset "LIGHT POOL" shows 100 different beautiful illumination patterns with 22 LEDs embedded in the back panel. Here's some video of operating LIGHT POOL.

Read on for detail.

LIGHT POOL illuminatin in a dark room.

Here's the video.

YouTube - "LIGHT POOL" - KDDI's 4th iida phone

Not only appearance, but its software is also brushed up from the existing models and the latency is quite improved.
YouTube - Typing text with LIGHT POOL

Web browser on LIGHT POOL got faster too.

YouTube - Viewing iida official site by KDDI's LIGHT POOL

Shooting with embedded camera.

YouTube - Shooting with LIGHT POOL's embedded 8Mpix camera

Here's the link to the official site.


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