Taste remains in mouth An eerie drink "Dragon Quest Sloth" Tasting Review

Since the monster "Slime" that appears in Dragon Quest was released as a drink made from Suntory as "Dragon Quest Sloth", I bought it and tried drinking it.

This is an official Dragon Quest product, it is in a special bottle which imaged the shape of slime, there is also a color of the label and it has made a creepy atmosphere. What on earth is it like taste of slime ....

Review from below.
Dragon Quest Sloth Suntory

Slime appeared!

Slime Bess appeared!

This is "Dragon Quest Sloth". One book 284 yen (excluding tax).

The blue slime is "whimisider taste".

Red Slime Bess is "mela tropical taste".

It has a poisonous color and it is very eerie.

So I poured it into the glass.
YouTube - "Dragon Quest Slippery Slime" Hoimizider taste

YouTube - "Dragon Quest Sloth" Mela Tropical Taste

Color is colorless and transparent. I feel like I keep it a little bit,Fanta Furu Furu ShakerThere is no hardness like.

Hoimizider taste, cider but no carbonate, taste that it will be like this if you make cider taste with fragrance. The sweetness is intense, and the aftertroubles (rather than it) are left in the mouth so terribly creepy, it feels bad. If you split with carbonic acid and squeeze some fruit juice, you may drink it, but drinking like this is pretty hot. If you hand it over with marathon water supply you will want to drink a bite and throw back and you want to retire.

Mela tropical taste. It is a sweet seasoning with a circle hoimizider taste. I do not know if it is a fragrance or a sweetener, but the smell is tight, it is a stubborn state that it is stinky and solid and sweet. In addition to being sweet, there is a peculiar despairing, but also a pleasantly thick type of aroma, the aftertaste finished drinking is the worst class. Is it a warning that "I am drunk of drinking slime!"

Speaking of Suntory, there is also a Pepsi brand deployed in Japan, but it was a product I did not know pretty wellPepsi BaobabYou can still drink gobby bee. I imagined an item of Final FantasyPotion "DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY POTION"As I drank it pretty deliciously, why just Dragon Quest makes this feeling ... this way. After all, was it not good to image the monster?

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