"Ice cream soda" tasting review which can taste ice and soda at the same time

Final Fantasy PotionSuntory who had also sold it bought a new blue carbonated drink, so I bought it. It's a dangerous drink that combines ice and soda, but what kind of taste is it?

Details are as below. Package containing an ice shopy border line.

Ice and soda double flavor.

Blue No. 1 is used for coloring.

It is an opaque thin light blue color, and it looks like a summer.

The taste is like cream soda mixed with a lot of ice cream melted out. Contrary to the refreshingness of color, there is a considerably thick sweetness, and there is a feeling as if liquid is entangled in the throat. "Cake soda"It is not sweetness, but it may be a bit drunk if you are not a person who likes sweetness of a confectionary series.

Suntory's release is from the following.

"Suntory Ice Cream Soda" New Release - Refreshing carbonated drink with cream soda flavor emerged -

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