Chocolate mint flavored drink, Morinaga Milk "Choco Mint Oret" tasting review

Speaking chocolate mint is common as ice flavor, but it is quite rare as a drink. Morinaga milk began selling chocolate mint flavor drink for a limited time from June 16 so I tried drinking it immediately. How much taste of mint actually comes out?

Details are as below.
Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. 【News Release】 "Chocolate mint" to drink? It is! Anxiety's amazing "Choco Mint Ore" New release announced on Tuesday, June 16

Pack of chocolate minty-like design that treated green and brown.

It seems to be "peaceful of peace".

Contents amount is 500 ml. It is quite plenty.

Use mint flavored fragrance.

The energy per 200 ml is 123 kcal.

Pouring it into a cup looks like this. The liquid color was light brown. It is a pity that it is not green.

The taste is like feeling like adding mint aftertaste to chocolate milk, so that you can experience the chocolate mint flavor like ice. Because it is summer, it is natural that it is natural to chill and drink, but since it is a drink, it may be good to warm hot chocolate mint.

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