A puppy flushed to the toilet by mistake will be rescued safely

It seems there was an incident that a puppy of 1 week after birth was washed away by the toilet and confined in a drain pipe. The boy who pushed the puppy seems to have not been bad, he said that he is very reflective.

It took about 4 hours to be rescued by a puppy, and when he was rescued it was said that he received applause from the viewers.

Details are from the following.
Puppy survives after boy accidentally flushes him down the toilet while 'washing' him | Mail Online

A boy named Daniel (4 years old) drifted a puppy (Cocker Spaniel) accidentally to the toilet this time erroneously. Dr. Nikki, a twin brother, took a puppy for a walk and came back with mud and so Daniel took the puppy clean, took it to the toilet, put a puppy in the toilet and flushed it .

It seems that Mrs. Alison (40 years old), a mother who heard that Daniel had pushed the puppy in the toilet, thought that he was already dead, but immediately opened the lid of the water pipe in the garden and the puppy It is said that she asked for rescue as soon as she heard the puppy 's barking sound. After that, firefighters and the RSPCA (Royal Animal Abuse Prevention Association) rushed to try and rescue, but I could not do anything and eventually I got a drainer to come.

Wil Craig (22 years old) who asked for rescue rushed to the scene as thought that it was a joke, and when I looked at the inside of the water distribution pipe with a special camera, it seems he was surprised that the puppy was truly confined . I pushed the pouch slowly until there was a drain of the drain pipe with a special camera so that the puppy would not be damaged, and this puppy was safely rescued.

The puppy was found 20 meters away from the flushed toilet.

This is a picture of a puppy taken with a special camera.

You can see a movie that shows the puppy's appearance from the following.
Dyno-Rod Rescue Puppy Flushed Down Toilet - Sky News Video Player

This puppy took the name of the drinking water company "Dyno-Rod" that she got helped and he called it "Dyno". Daniel said that he is deeply sorry, "I'm really sorry ... I will never do the same thing anymore."

Dyno and Daniel, Mr. Craig who rescued Dyno.

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