I tried drinking "Dozen milk drink" of Morinaga Darth 20th anniversary item

Milk chocolate with 12 capsules, a dozen of Morinaga celebrating the 20th anniversary of releaseDarth milk drinkWe are selling it from November 19 (Tue). Speaking of MorinagaMilk cocoaAlthough it is famous, I bought it with a dozen and tried drinking because I was wondering what is different about this "dozen milk drink".

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The package looks like this and red is in the keynote.

It's written in large letters as "DARS" in large letters, you can check the illustration of chocolate.

The design looks just like a dozen. By the way, although the dozen is a sweet of Morinaga, the drink is also a collaboration product within the group that Morinaga Milk is doing.

It is a limited time commodity for the 20th anniversary commemoration.

Sugar, cocoa, chocolate, coconut oil, cacao mass, etc. can be confirmed as raw materials.

The calorie is 203 kcal per 240 ml, not feeling high or low.

Open the dozen milk drink and put it in the cup, the scent of nuts drifts.

When I drank it was a drink that reproduced the taste of a milky strong dozen with a different taste than the general cocoa drink. The chocolate taste itself is not thick so much, and sweetness is also within reasonable range. I feel that the scent and flavor of coconut highlights the difference with cocoa.

I will eat it with a milk chocolate in a dozen.

When opening it, the mark of "DARS" is stamped on chocolate.

One grain is small.

Chocolate taste feels the flavor of milk and caramel, although it does not taste rich chocolate. Chocolate taste seems to be difficult to differentiate, but using hazelnut paste etc., it is finished in a savory chocolate taste. The sweetness was intense compared with the dozen milk drink.

A dozen milk drink is 147 yen including tax. If you like the taste of a dozen, you should definitely buy it.

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