Open mini car "Daihatsu Kopen" which can be changed in only 5 minutes

Daihatsu is an open mini car that was discontinued due to being missed in 2012 "CopenThe concept car "Kopen" positioned as a successor to "is exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013. The newborn Kopen was a fashionable dressable open car that can replace the exterior in just a few minutes.

This is a standard exterior model "Kopen Rmz"

Unlike rounded Copen, the edge light Kopen

Of course, like the Copen, it has an electric hard top

Mirror made of carbon


Rear view

Racing-like red 'R' badge

This color of the tail lamp ... ... Gundam! Is it?

Small diameter handle is sporty

At the back of the shift lever is a display

Suede-like interior including dashboard

She seems to have good holdability

Subsequently this is the model with black fender protector "Kopen Xmz"

A protector surrounding the car body undercarriage

Kopen is equipped with KF type in-line 3 cylinder turbo with total length 3395 mm, full width 1475 mm, total height 1275 mm for both Xmz and Rmz

Interior is bright orange color

You see a paddle shift behind the steering wheel

Again the display

Orange color to stitch

Discover exterior parts of Kopen behind the booth!

Kopen adopts a dressing change body which can easily exterior exchange

The appearance of changing Kopen in less than 5 minutes can be checked with this movie.

Dressing change is completed in only 5 minutes. Daihatsu Kopen (exterior removal) - YouTube

Dressing change is completed in only 5 minutes. Daihatsu Kopen (exterior installation) - YouTube

Naked Kopen

Kopen has the meaning of "K (light)" + "Open (open)". Copen of the predecessor model whose production was discontinued was also "Kopen" when it was exhibited at the motor show. Dressing The day when Kopen becomes Copen is not so far.

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