Lifespan to 5 times longer than before, to develop highly durable SSD that can be used for servers

Although it is a recording medium "SSD" which realizes high durability, etc. which is not affected by low power consumption, low heat generation, vibrations etc. which could not be realized with conventional HDD by using flash memory, the number of data read / write The fact that there was a limit was a bottleneck used for servers that keep running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In order to solve the problem, it seems that SSD will be developed which raised the number of data read / write times up to 5 times.

Details are as follows.
Samsung Collaborates with Sun Microsystems to Develop New Ultra-Endurance Flash Memory for SSD Products in Server Applications

According to this release, Samsung and Sun Microsystems decided to partner for the development of SSD which can be used as a server for video distribution and search engines which are always in operation.

The SSD aiming for development is not an MLC (multi-level cell) method that has been reputed for bringing about large capacity, but also an SLC (single level cell) type flash memory that has advantages in speed and number of writable times It is aimed at achieving five times the number of reading and writing times of the conventional one.

Moreover, when this SSD is developed, it is said that the data transfer rate per 1 watt of power corresponds to 100 times the HDD, and it is said that the current server can reduce the power consumption including the cooling power which it is holding .

According to the survey company, the demand for enterprises' SSD is expected to be 2.24 million in 2012.

Although it seems to be the earlier story that it is actually commercialized, will it be the day that it will be adopted as a recording medium for not only servers but also laptop computers?

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