WILLCOM launches trial service for next generation PHS "XGP" to realize high-speed communication at last

WILLCOM today announced that it will start testing service of the next generation PHS "XGP" which realized high speed communication.

Unlike communication services of other companies, it is a next-generation PHS that benefits from difficulty in speed in urban areas, but what kind of service will be deployed?

We will deliver it in real time update from presentation venue.

Details are as follows.
The presentation hall is Kasumigaseki Building 33F "between Aso".

Today's proceeding schedule

The service is expected to be started in area only

The presentation place is like this.

It is a seat for the speaker.

13: 30
At last the recital started.

The capacity of broadband is expanding year by year, and transfer of 10 GB per contract is done in one month.

"Wireless broadband" requires "microcell" which arranges base stations finely

The strength of XGP is the use of PHS technology assets and microcell network.

Up to 20 Mbps up and down without "MIMO" technology to increase communication speed

Comparison with competing communication standards. It is a big feature that the up and down speeds are symmetrical.

By adopting the microcell network, the communication speed does not change in urban areas or suburbs.

Start of service on 27th April (Saturday)

We are planning to lay down base stations for full-scale service in October.

Two types of terminals

The base station is shared with the current one

Area at the start of test service provision

Area deployment image

Outline of demonstrations to be done in the future

The actual reception speed is like this. The maximum value is about 18.5 Mbps.

We are transferring images of WEB cameras installed in Roppongi in real time.

Seek business development with partners in various fields

We also collaborate with Osaifu-Keitai etc.

Utilization experiment as broadcasting infrastructure

We also have an alliance with Hanshin Electric Railway Co.

Experiments in Hiroshima City are also under consideration

It is also used as a broadband infrastructure of rural schools

Experiment that combines surveillance camera network and base station will also be implemented

In order not to end with just Japanese domestic standards, internationalization organizations of "XGP" will be launched

"WILLCOM CORE" is a service that provides optimal data communication environment by combining various services with "XGP" as the core.

Questions and answers are from the following.

· Sankei Shimbun
Please tell us the development and fee schedule and subscriber goals after October. There was something to put on UMPC, but what happened? Why are it for corporate customers?

Since there is an application plan that I applied for, I will proceed accordingly. I would like you to chew when and where to deploy and how. I will teach you when appropriate time comes. For the story that it is built in a terminal such as Willcom D 4, although we are considering introducing XGP into voice PHS, it is fully possible in the future. Why is it for corporate customers? Regarding area limited services, those who are planning to develop mass media and applications within a limited number of 500 because it is difficult only for specific individuals for the period until autumn , Some corporations, I am seeing our communication among existing legal entities, lend it to a corporation who can think and then develop it including individuals.

XGP is by no means meant for corporations. The fee is being considered including MVNO fee. I do not think about making it very expensive compared to existing PHS. Please wait as much as possible for the cheapest price, if possible flat rate system, concrete figures. Regarding the number of subscribers, we will consider area deployment after area-limited service, but this deployment and the number of people link, so we are planning to set subscriber goals from that. I would like to withhold in the present stage.

· Impress
I would like to ask about three. How many XGP base stations are installed by full-scale service in October or how to install it together with the current 160 thousand base stations? I was talking not to use MIMO, but what about antennas? What to do if you use MIMO. I heard that you chose PHS chipset, WIMAX, but did you choose this chipset to choose the same place as WIMAX?

100 stations have already been installed. In addition to that add hundreds of stations. I will do this by June. If you put hundreds of stations in that area it will be quite dense so you can do a lot of verification. I am trying to do experiments densely where I am densely populated and dense, rather than spreading myself.

Since we are not considering how detailed it will be after that, we can not say detailed things, but since we are grasping high place of data traffic at 160 thousand stations and high customer's needs, Since we are grasping that customer satisfaction will be high if we prepare the area where we are out, we are planning to expand the area with good combination of traffic and area.

For the relationship between the number of antennas and the chip set, first use two antennas. As for 2.5 GHz and WIMAX in the relation of chipset and synergy, because there is frequency dependence with respect to radio section and RF. Both 2.5 GHz and WIMAX use the same parts. The same one can be used for any system for broadband. This time that the frequencies are similar, we never have to make a new chipset specifically.

I am using WIMAX 's excellent vendor to use it. We are already considering MIMO. Basically, MIMO is made possible and it is made possible to include smart antennas of base stations so we want to advance development as soon as it is completed.

· Toyo economy
About 100 next-generation base stations, what is the plan for the last fiscal year and this fiscal year? Whether to proceed without changing the capital investment plan as it is, whether it is thinking to reconsider to a certain extent, there is a story of Carlyle 's capital increase, it has already passed mid - April, but saying that it will divert funds from existing business with regard to raising funds Although it does not change?

For capital investment we have invested 20 billion to 30 billion annually for the past five years. This year also the same level, or even up and down but the same level. I would like to congratulate the specific level. Although it is about the capital increase, basically there is no plans to change something somewhat about the plan applied. Based on the application plan to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, I am planning to develop a concrete area development plan from now.

As for how to raise funds for capital investment, I do not intend to change the policy because I believe that sufficient investment can be made with cash flow from PHS of the current generation. I can not tell you about what we are talking to with Carlisle to advance safely or aggressively, but it is true that we are talking and it is moving forward and I am working on talking well.

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