I went to Fujiko · F · Fujio's Museum in Kawasaki City packed with SF (a little mysterious)

Manga Fujiko · F · Fujio (real name: Hiroshi Fujimoto), a manga artist known for numerous works such as "Doraemon", "Kiteretsu great encyclopedia", "Perman", "Esper Mami", has long lived in Tama Ward, Kawasaki city I continued drawing the work. Mr. Fujimoto passed away in 1996, but also because of his wife 's desire to give back to the children who supported Fujimoto's work,"Fujiko F · F · Fujio Museum of Kawasaki-shi museum" where you can experience works by Fujio F · FujioI decided to do it.

The official opening is September 3 (Saturday), but since the press exhibition was held on August 22, I have been looking inside for a while. In addition, this museumGhibli museum in the Mitaka no MorialikeReservation system specified by dateIt is necessary to purchase tickets in advance, so please be careful if you are planning to visit after opening.

Kawasaki-shi Fujiko · F · Fujio I museum

The place is here, it is on the former site of Mukogaoka amusement park closed in 2002.

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Originally it seems to be a place where there was a Bowl link place.

The wall of the museum is like a Doraemon looking outside.

The nearest bus stop is the "Fujiko · F · Fujio Museum" of Kawasaki City Bus · Tokyu Bus. Originally it was "Mukogaoka amusement park" bus stop but the name was changed from August 22.

Tengudo station, Mukogaoka gakuen station, and Inukawaraya station are on foot for the time being.

When waiting in front of the museum, the shuttle bus came.

The shuttle bus has become a wrapping vehicle, and the characters of Fujiko · F · Fujio's representative works are coloring the bus. This light blue bus was Doraemon number.

The shuttle bus connects non-stop between the Noboro station (Ikuta Greenland mouth) and the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum. The last bus leaves the museum at 18:30.

As a museum of Professor Fujiko, the illustration is not an anime version but an original one.

The license plate is "21 - 12", which represents the birth year of Doraemon.

It's not just a wrapping bus, but also an interior decoration.

The fishing leather has become the face of Doraemon.

To the silhouette of various items and characters the pattern of the sheet.

The stop button is designed as if pushing the head of Doraemon.

Eventually, the Doraemon ran away to the Nozomi station.

I could hardly open up and the next shuttle bus came.

This is Obake's Q Taro.

Perman is also drawn on the side illustration.

Interior decoration was based on pink color.

Choosing "Rolling Stock" from a number of secret tools is quite a shame.

This bus stop button is Q Taro Design.

This bus that Q Taro is hanging from the window behind, it seems that you can not be helped if you run behind you.

The third shuttle bus came.

Main is Kiteretsu large encyclopedia, Doraemon's character etc. are drawn.

Korosuke is repairing the bus.

The stop button is the face of Korosuke.

There was also a horizontally long version.

There are 4 types of wrapping buses. This is the 4th, the Perman issue.

Looking from behind, it seems that perman is pushing the bus.

About the interior decoration of the bus, a commentary is stuck on the shuttle bus stop of the Nobori station.

Finally into the museum ... ... but before that the objects were on display.

This is scheduled to be set up around the city at a later date, which means that this is the only opportunity to meet in one place and shoot.

Doraemon, a smart face, one that is installed at Okigaoka Amusement Park Station.

Doraemon with a smile, one to be installed at Noboribetsu station.

Doraemon of a pose like Let's go, this will be installed at the Inukahara station.

From here we will have an object planned to be set up on the boardwalk. From 'Okeke no Q Taro', Q Taro and O Jiro.

Colosuke of "Kitarez Encyclopedia".

Perman No. 1 and No. 2 of "Perman".

Well then, we will proceed further into ... ....

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