Exhibits of fan drooling such as raw manuscript of Doraemon and three-dimensional colostrum etc.

Kawasaki-shi Fujiko · F · Fujioio Museum

Many original manuscripts were displayed at the Fujio F · Fujio I museum. This is "Doraemon full of Doraemon full-length" first published in the February 1971 issue "Third grade elementary student".

"Doraemon Yume no Machi Novita Land" also became the first episode of animation broadcasting. The first appearance is the "fourth grade of elementary school" of the July issue of 1974.

"Doraemon Dinosaur Hunter" First appearance: May 1970 Issue 3rd grade elementary school student

Beautiful giantThe original story "Fountain of Doraemon Kikori". The first appearance is "First grade primary school student" of the December 1984 issue.

Depending on the display platform, there are some items stored in various items, and this included what was named after the giant.

Recital tickets.

Autograph signed pinup.

"Let's go with Okake's Q Taro Nagara" First published: 1966 No. 37 Weekly Shonen Sunday * co-authored by Fujio F · Fujio and Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ

"New Queen Taro Bakelatta Yame Latta". O Taro's OBAKE is translated by Q Taro. The first appearance is the April 1972 issue "Sixth grade elementary school student" * Fujiko · F · Fujio A single work

Opalke's Q Taro's bills and outside.

Q - Taro 's OBAKE table etc etc.

"Looking for Obashi's Q Tarou" His first appearance: 1966 No. 18 Weekly Shonen Sunday * Fujiko · F · Fujio and Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ

In the "new monster of Q Taro rampage Little Mermaid", U child will buy the unpopular garbled to the mermaid princess. I feel the era in an alternative called Sanshiro. First appearance: November 1971 issue Sixth grade elementary school * Fujiko · F · Fujio A single work

Black belt of U judo judo and a trophy.

Doraemon arranging words for Nobita.

Nobita's face Nobita.

There are manga everywhere in the room, such as Yonday.

Nobita's dinosaur related items. There is a dinosaur egg.

A fossil of ammonite.

There is also a dinosaur's poop.

"Poconians beautiful butterfly" is a beautiful color manuscript. The first appearance is the January 1974 issue "Asian Ehon."

"What is" ぽ こ に ゃ ん マ ジ ャ コ ン "? His first appearance: December 1977 Issued friend

Three-dimensional chimpui.

It is somehow incomplete completion.

"Chimpui cosmic super-first-class designer" first published: November 1985 "Doraemon" 18 volumes

"Chimpu Eli, Congratulations" First appearance: June 14, 1985 Fujiko Fujio Land "Doraemon" Volume 13

"Esper Mami Fucked Critic" His first appearance: 1977 No. 6 Manga

"Esper Mami Summer Dog" is one of the best episodes that strong support from fans is also strong. The first appearance is "Manga-kun" of No. 15 of 1978.

"Perman me to Perman No. 5" His first appearance: August 1967 Issue 3rd grade elementary school student

"Perman Heart Fascinated - Night" first published: 1983 July issue 3rd grade elementary school fourth grade posted at the same time

A sign of Hoshino violet and a perman badge.

In "Permanent Perman is painful", Mitsuo, the hero, temporarily stops the paman and tries to ignore the call by his colleagues, but at the end he can not abandon the troubled people and jumps out of the window. Birdman murmuring while watching its back "The only thing I know is nobody praised, it is that you are a girlfriend." The story is impressive. First appearance: 1967 39th Weekly Shonen Sunday

"Violet chan signature!" His first appearance: 1983 August issue 3rd grade elementary school fourth grade posted at the same time

Perman helmet.

The copy robot was also three-dimensional.

"Kita Enzaki Encyclopedia Wagahide is a college assistant Nari" is a memorable first episode of the great encyclopedia. Using the miraculous encyclopedia and the goddess mirror of glasses, the kiterets create collar assistance. First appearance: April 1974 issue Children's light

"Kitarez Encyclopedia Encounter Cap" First appearance: December, 1975 Children's Light

The strange big encyclopedia is also three-dimensional.

It is accompanied by the Jyunitsu mirror.

Cap of the trademark of Kitarez and inventive tool.

Colossea is also three-dimensional in mini size.

"Kiteretsu large encyclopaedic water" first published: May 1977 May Children's light

The contents of the exhibition on the first floor of the museum so far. On the 2nd floor the first story of a representative manga was exhibited on raw manuscript. Continue with the article after this.

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