"Doraemon" "Esper Mami" etc Fujiko · F · Fujio's painting color original picture display

Fujiko · F · Fujio's museum has an amazing number of color original and raw manuscripts on exhibition. The color original picture is displayed in "Exhibition room I" on the first floor of the building as a whole and it was content that can fully enjoy the overwhelming beauty of full-color imperial manuscript.

Kawasaki-shi Fujiko · F · Fujio I museum

When opening the entrance, Fujiko · F · Fujio Characters are already lined up on the wall already in the entrance.

The staff who wore the beret greets brightly.

Characters that emerged from the wall.

Kolo assistant


Okake's Q Taro



Perman 2


Before entering the exhibition room, the staff's sister lend me a voice guide.

Fujiko's favorite work tools were displayed in front of the exhibition room. This is a "pencil".

Mr. Fujiko's favorite color pencil.

"Watercolor paint" was used for color manuscripts.

1F 's exhibition room I' where color original drawings and some raw manuscripts were displayed is like this.

A picture of Mr. Fujiko.

"T · P buddy looking T · P (time patrol)" first appearance: September 1976 issue monthly publication boy world

"Ume Star Denka" Shogakkan's Picture Book "Cover" First published: June 1969 issue Shogakkan's picture book

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"Moja Public Insect Comic" Moho Public Volume 2 Cover Illustration "First appearance: May 15, 1971

"Chimpu Eli, Congratulations" First appearance: June 1985 Fujiko Fujio Land "Doraemon" Volume 13

"Poconhyan Hope Comics" Poconhyan "First volume cover illustration" First appearance: December 20, 1978

"Esper Mami Boy's Big Comics" Esper Mami "Volume 2 Revised Cover Illustration" First published: September 11, 1983

"Esper Mami Fujiko Fujio Land" Esper Mami "Vol.6 Cover Illustration" First appearance: April 19, 1985

"Esper Mami Manga-kun Comics" Esper Mami "Volume 3 Cover Illustration" First appearance: June 5, 1978

"Kiteter's large encyclopedia Fujiko Fujio land" Kitarez Encyclopedia "Volume 1 cover illustration" First appearance: August 16, 1985

"Perman International Spy Operation" first appearance: 1967 31 issue Weekly Shonen Sunday

"Perman Beautiful Human" first published: January 1968 issue Second grade of elementary school

"Permanently break through the coffin of iron" First published: 1967 34th Weekly Shonen Sunday

"New Oobake's Q Taro Rainbowie's Times" His first appearance: June 1972 June First grader ※ "Oobake's Q Taro" is a collaborative work of Fujio F · Fujio and Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ. This work is a solo work by Fujio F · Fujio.

"Oba's Q Taro Q Chan Road Show" First published: 1965 No. 48 Weekly Shonen Sunday * Fujiko · F · Fujio and Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ

"Okake's Q Taro special Dane photographer" His first appearance: 1966 No. 33 Weekly Shonen Sunday * Co-author of Fujiko · F · Fujio and Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ

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"Doraemon everything so much" First appearance: November 1984 issue First grade primary school students

"Memorial photograph of a trip without going to Doraemon" His first appearance: September 1972 issue Third grade elementary student

"Doraemon from the future" Doraemon His first appearance: January 1970 issue Second grade of elementary school students

In the subsequent article, we will also post a manuscript of manga that was also exhibited.

A movie in which beautiful gians emerge from "The Woodcutter's Fountain"

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