Fujiko Fujio An extravagant exhibition room where you can read the first story of manga in raw manuscripts

On the 2nd floor of the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum, the first story of Fujiko Fujio's work was exhibited in each original picture.

Kawasaki-shi Fujiko · F · Fujio I museum

The door of the exhibition room on the second floor is like a door anywhere.

◆ Q-Taro of Obake

The first story of "Okeke no Q Taro" is "Q-chan birth". The first appearance is weekly Sunday of No. 6 in 1964. * Fujiko · F · Fujio and co-author of Fujiko Fujio Ⓐ

The first story of Obake 's Q Taro starts with Ohara Shinta playing ninja playing and suddenly appearance of Q - Taro of Obake. Speaking of Taro Taro, "three hairs on the top of the head", it seems that it was a bit more at first.

Everything is broken by Ninomi and it is inferior Shota.

Q Taro goes to help looking at such Shinta, but Shinta is not happy to be helped by Q Taro.

It is Q Taro who leaves Shita once, but it responds to voice calling Shota.

Thus it was the content of the first episode that they became friends.

A 1/2 size Q Taro's kiss mark is displayed in the exhibition room.

◆ Doraemon

Many people may have read the first story of Doraemon. "All the way from the country of the future" was the "first grade fourth grade" whose first appearance was January 1970 issue.

New Year, I lie down in my room Nobita, I hear a voice from the desk.

Doraemon appeared from the desk drawer. I predict that Nobit will head after 30 minutes and will be burned after 40 minutes.

Doraemon will go home after eating the rice cake that was in the room. Surprisingly the modern food I ate first was not dorayaki.

Then a boy, Sebasti, who calls Nobita an old man appears.

They say that they came from the future, predicting that Nobita will marry Jyuko in the future.

I can not take that fact, Nobita will challenge Doraemon and Seiashi.

However, as predicted by Doraemon, to stumble.

Nobody has to believe Doraemon, Nobita is desperate seeing the album they brought.

In order to avoid a miserable future, Doraemon takes care and takes care of it.

However, while implying that Doraemon is not all-purpose, the first episode ends.

◆ Perman

The first story of Perman is "the birth of a perman". The first appearance was "Weekly Shonen Sunday" No. 2 in 1967.

Megumi Oshu of the hero encounters with a bird man who tells that he came from a distant star, urged to make himself palm in time.

Even if you know that you can put on a mask or cloak usually 6,600 times more power, Mr. Mitsuo is not much hypnotic.

Copy robots also appear in the first episode.

Because I made the clothes dirty, I told the copying robot to make me angry instead of mommy.

I will take a walk to the sky in the form of a palm. Then, the plane encountered a crash situation.

I will carry an airplane and let it land on the sea.

I will decide to live for justice as a pam. However, when the identity is revealed, it becomes an animal, so in the surroundings it is necessary to hide the fact that you are a perman.

Mr. Mitsui will thus play a role as a permanent, hiding its identity and continuing to live as Masuo Usu.

In the exhibition room there was a sofa of the Perman badge type.

◆ Sports Trout

Tsukuba Trout is a very early work called "separate fair first annual" 1960 May issue separate supplement.

A setting that makes anything made by gems that Tetchan wears will start.

Although it is not the first episode about this work, I can see the idea as a prototype leading to a series such as Doraemon later. For example, an image that an animal made of paper starts to move.

Even in Doraemon, this image is utilized with a tool called "Robot Paper".

A scene that is attacked by a toy soldier.

This is also used in Doraemon.

When you look side by side, you see that it is a situation that is similar.

◆ Nobita's dinosaur

"Doraemon Nobita's Dinosaur" is the first work of the "Large Doll Doraemon Series", and it was made into a film based on this work. Although it was originally a short work, the first appearance after rewriting it to the length feature is "Korokoro comic" January 1980.

It is a story of the main story that Nobita who hatched the eggs of the chief dragon using the time wrapping clothes will return the peasant of the hatched chief dragon to the Cretaceous world.

Due to the failure of the time machine, the party will travel the Cretaceous world.

The movie recorded 3.2 million attendants mobilized, with distribution revenue of 1.56 billion yen at that time amount.

Tickets and pamphlets at the time.

A dinosaur illustration that Fujiko san referred.

A painting story at the time was also exhibited.

Battle between Giant and Sune hers who blames Nobita behind due to the failure of Takeko.

Shizuka responds "I can not say such a thing".

Nobita going forward while quietly being helped by Doraemon.

The shadow of Pteranodon approaches there.

This is a script of the time.

◆ Handwritten circulation journal "Little Sun"

A circulation magazine published by Mr. Fujiko with Mr. Akio Abiko in high school in 1950. It is said that comics, stories, advertisements had been folded in.

◆ Unpublished work "Ben Har"

In 1952, when I was 18 years old, I brought to Mr. Tezuka Osamu's home when visiting. It is an ambitious work of mangaging history novels.

◆ SF short film "Protective God of the Green"

"Midori no Omori God" is a SF short story published in the September 1976 issue of "Monthly Manga Shonen", a work targeted at a slightly higher age group than the conventional Fujiko manga.

Men and women who are distressed in the jungle.

However, it is a story that it was actually Tokyo which turned into a jungle.

We will find out that human beings have been extinct by bacteria developed as biological weapons.

After that, Fujiko Pro who worked on opening the Fujiko F · Fujio Museum, and Ms. Fujimoto Masako who is a wife of Fujio F · Fujio who kept the manuscript for many years without dissipating the manuscript and provided various materials, etc. We will inform you.

Fujiko · F · Fujio Art Museum of museum which has become stuck to fine details

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