Madoka ☆ "Mado Magi Generator" that can automatically generate Magika style images

Midnight animation "Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica"It can create anything like that imitating the title, and it can also be published with a shortened URL this"Madokaga Generator"is. Since fine position adjustment and color change are also possible, it can be used in various situations.

Madokaga Generator - Automatically generate Madoka Magika style image

As an example, such an image can be created.

Stray Prime Minister ★ Youni (STRAYING PRIME MINISTER) - Mado Magi Generator

Full power running run ★ Mellos (HAS HIRE MELOS) - Mado Magi Generator

Powerful penetration mold ★ Killer (GOM PACKIN KABI KILLER) - Mado Magi Generator

This summer plan ★ Blackout ((Do you have?) - Mado Magi Generator

Adversity unreliable ★ Kaiji (SURVIVOR ITOU KAIJI) - Mado Magi Generator

Magical girl Kuroyan Kuroyan ★ Tetsuko (PUELLA MAGI TOARU MAGICA) - Mado Magi Generator

Magical Girl Lady ★ Gaga (PUELLA MAGI Lady Gaga) - Mado Magi Generator

Mad scientist Fenghosen ★ Dangerous (M A D SCIEN TIST) - Mado Magi Generator

Yuru Hoshi ★ Yatsura () - Mado Magi Generator

Maiden boy Yuki ★ Magica (PUELLA MAGI YUKIATSU MAGICA) - Mado Magi Generator


Final Final Battle ★ Site (DONEC PROELIUM BIG SAITO) - Mado Magi Generator

Otaku girl Comike ★ Magica (OTAKU GIRL KOMIKE MAZIKA) - Mado Magi Generator

Friday Road Show Hotaru ★ Haka (-) Madoka Generator

Ureshori ★ Yoshio (YOSHIMOTO KOGYO MANZAI) - Mado Magi Generator

Tokugawa Yoshimune violent boss ★ Shogun (HITOYONDE ABARENBO SHOGUN) - Mado Magi Generator

In limit breaking through ★ Desma (OVERWORKER MAJIDE DEATHMA) - Mado Magi Generator

No stimulant drugs, ★ got it. (NEVER USE ANY STIMURANTS) - Mado Magi Generator

Public advertisement Poppo ★ Pawn ((C) COPYRIGHT ADVERTISE COUNSIL) - Mado Magi Generator

Super Space-time Fortress Mac Ros (MACROSS) - Mado Magi Generator

Cooled cold beginning ★ (HOTSUMMER HIYASHI CYU-KA) - Mado Magi Generator

Click on "Create new image" on the top page to actually create the image

Since it will be such a screen, enter a character. The character can be selected by clicking with the mouse, it is possible to move the position, change the size, and change the color.

When finished click "Create image".

Then an image is generated.

The following address is actually generated short URL address. It is easy to teach people.

Shippuden It is! Nendoroid ★ Bium (DENDROBIUM RX - 78 GP 03)

In addition, redistribution, image correction, commercial use etc. are all OK, and the information on the font used is described below.

Madokaga Generator commentary

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