'N-No-Dame Generator' that makes the input text look like 'N...Ohhhhh...uu!

The strength of the wind has become sharply regulated by various expressions

, and not only images but also text information (scenarios, serifs, etc.) is about to be regulated . ..

There seems to be a 'numodame generator' that transforms every sentence into an expression that may be regulated, whether it is to throw a stone in the flow or to have a completely different purpose. As its name suggests, it makes you feel bad.

Details are as below.
No madde generator

Enter the sentence you want to convert appropriately. This time, I decided to say 'No, no'. Then, click 'Convert' and it's OK.

Then it looks like 'Hmm...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!

You can also set the length, lowercase letters, whether to use '...', '!', '!', and '?', and the frequency. Do your best and aim for the ultimate expression.

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