"StatiCrypt" which makes it easy to create a static HTML page encrypted free with AES 256

A JavaScript library of encryption standard "Crypto-js"Can be used to create a static password protected HTML page that can be decrypted on the client side rather than on the server side is"StatiCrypt"is. The encryption method used is "AES 256"is.

Static HTML Crypto

It's easy to use, enter the password in "Passphrase" at the top, the code of the HTML page you want to encrypt in "HTML / string to encrypt", and click the blue "Generate passphrase protected HTML". Then you can easily create a password-protected HTML page by clicking the green "Download html file with password prompt" at the bottom of the page.

If you say what you can actually do, you will need to enter the following password to create a page that you can not access. If you enter a password, the original HTML page will be displayed.

Protected Page

"StatiCrypt" can create a static password protected HTML page that can be decrypted by the browser side. Just send or upload the generated page to the place that provides the static content (eg GitHub page), JavaScript decrypts the password and page and reads the HTML page.

Basically, StatiCrypt encrypts the page, and all the necessary methods for applying the password to the new file are prepared. AES 256 is the cutting-edge encryption method,Brute force attackYaDictionary attackPlease be careful and set a difficult character string for your passphrase.

The source code of StatiCrypt is published on the following page.

GitHub - robinmoisson / staticrypt: Password protect a static HTML page

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