Free software "BCArchive" which can give powerful encryption with one shot from the right click menu

It strongly encrypts with IDEA / Triple - DES / CAST 5 / Blowfish / TWOFISH, etc. It compares the hash value with SHA - 256 / MD 5 / SHA 1 / RIPEMD - 160 / SHA - 256, corresponds to the public key / secret key, Software that can be encrypted in EXE format even if you do not have "BCArchive"is. For installation and operation method, refer to the following.

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◆ Installation
Click "Download" under the character string "BCArchive v.2.05.1" in the item "Encryption Utilities - Freeware" located under the above site.

Launch the downloaded installer.

Click "Next".

Please check and click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Start".

Click "Finish".

◆ File / folder encryption

To encrypt the folder for testing, right-click the folder to be encrypted, and click Add folder to encrypt the folder name. Bca.

In the Password field, enter the password you want to use, enter the same password in the Confirm password (password confirmation) field, and click "OK".

Encryption will start. Especially encrypting a 4 KB folder that does not contain anything takes a long time, about one minute, and encrypting a 1.5 GB folder took about 7 minutes.

When encryption is completed, click "OK".

To open an encrypted folder, first double click.

Enter the password and click "OK".

Encryption is canceled and you can browse folders.

◆ Send encrypted items to someone who does not have BCArchive installed

Right click on the encrypted thing to send and click "Make Self Extracted".

Click "Yes" to create the executable file. Send the created executable file to the person you want to send.

If you open the encrypted recipient, activate the executable file.

Enter the password and press "OK" to cancel the encryption.

◆ Fine encryption settings

To make detailed settings, right click on the item to be encrypted, click Add to encrypt name .bca.

Click "Advanced"

Encryption algorithm · hash value · number of times of encryption etc can be set, and when you click "OK" at the end, encryption is completed.

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