Olympic logo-like parody font somewhere "Saitama Olympics"

A logo image can be created with fonts faithfully reproducing the official logo of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 "TOKYO 2020 GeneratorAlthough it is open to the public, a parody font that you can install and use the Olympic-style logo on your PC this time "Saitama Olympics"Has appeared. "Saitama Olympic Games" was created by fontizing the letters of the next notice of the animated "Gintama"Gintama next notice bodyIt is a font making studio which is also the producer of "

Saitama Olympics - Font making studio

Character samples of the Saitama Olympics are as follows. Corresponding characters are some letters such as capital letters, numbers, "/.! _ ;:" in alphabet, and there are no hiragana or katakana.

To download the Saitama Olympic Games, click on the "Do not forget" button in the middle of the page.

Click "OK" to save the ZIP file.

Unzip the downloaded ZIP file.

Open "saitamaorympic.ttf" in the folder.

If you click "Install", you will be able to use the Saitama Olympics with a text editor such as Notepad.

Starting up Notepad and trying "GIGAZINE" as a test it looks like the following. Because the character spacing was a little narrow ......

By putting a space between letters, it became easier to recognize it as a character.

Try typing "TOKYO 2020" like this.Tokyo OlympicsCompared to the official logo of the curve, the curve angle is slightly different.

Please note that the Saitama Olympic Games were released only for personal enjoyment, and commercial use and reprint are not permitted.

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