Mr. Donut 'Missed taste tour "" Orange ring "tasting review

From Mister Donuts,"Pon de Takoyaki style"As a motif of Osaka, Okinawa, Kyoto specialty products"Missed taste tour"Series and orange flavor was added to an orthodox donut"Orange ring"I tried it at once because the series was released.

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The design of Mr. Donut's box has changed since "Baked" was released. This time, I have also bought a new menu "fruit cake" series of "baked" which I have not reviewed so far.

This is all the items purchased this time.

First of all, "Orange Ring" series.

Orange ring honey

The sweet scent of honey is well supported with the refreshing fragrance of orange, finished in a refreshing donut like a summer. Even this alone is not bad, but there are comments that Orange may be a little stronger, and it seems that it might have become a more interesting donut when orange peel etc is contained.

Orange ring chocolate

It seems that compatibility between orange and chocolate is good, it seems to be widely known, but this also makes good use of its compatibility good, and the sweetness of chocolate is orange scent and sour taste I have succeeded in wrapping it in and refreshing the aftertaste.

Orange ring coconut

This is a combination of sweetness plus refreshing, but unfortunately there is a feeling that the fragrance of coconut powder has been pushed by the scent of oranges. Conversely, if you want to enjoy the scent of oranges strongly, this may be most clearly felt.

"Misted tasting tour" series which made motifs of famous products of Kyoto, Okinawa and Osaka.

Pon de Nikki Azuki

The elegant fragrance of Nichiki (cinnamon) seems to be compatible with the eating texture that the rice cake has a rich texture, and I could eat it without discomfort unexpectedly. Azuki is also sweet modestly, it does not hit the scent of cinnamon, the perfection is high feeling.

Baked fashion red crimson

While taste of origami baked fashion appeared with origami, I felt uneasy about matching with the red tongue, but it turned out that it was a good scent and sweetness with red starch paste and it was pretty good considering Japanese donuts Is it not?

Pon de Takoyaki style

A sauce of omega-cho Okonomiyaki A sauce-like sauce is combined with a fluffy pon de fabric, giving a Takoyaki-style atmosphere. Takoyaki "wind" to the last, so excessive expectations are prohibited.

A new menu "fruit cake" series of "baked" series that is not fried even though it is a donut.

Baked mango cake

A cake series coated with fruit jelly in a mysterious baked fabric that is moist and simultaneously moist. The compatibility of the mango scent with the baked dough is not bad, can you like the jelly texture, or is it a place you like where you like?

Baked strawberry cake

People like Mr. Donut's unique strawberry flavor may be enjoyable. Slightly sweet taste is intense, so it may have been good if a bit more sour and aroma were clear.

Baked Blueberry Cake

Blueberries are particularly felt to have the fragrance of fruits among the four types of cake series. It looks almost black rather than purple but it has good balance of acidity and sweetness and is easy to eat.

Baked melon cake

If melon flavor is modest, expecting the melon's sweetness and aroma, you may feel somewhat lacking.

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