I tried a cold stone seven-eleven limited ice "Mille-feuille ★ berry pie" and "glamorous cheese cake fantasy"

Cold Stone CreameryThis is an ice cream shop from America that a store clerk sings a song and mixes ice, nuts, fruits etc on ice chilled at -9 degrees to make a favorite combination ice cream. From December 24, 2013, the new product "7 Eleven" and cold stone collaborated "Mille-feuille ★ Berry pie"Glamorous cheese cake fantasy"Two types of ice are on sale, 150 ml and it is a flavor that is perfect for Christmas in large size.

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The package of "Seven-Eleven limited flavor" Mille-feuille ★ Berry pie "" Glamorous Cheesecake Fantasy "is like this. Both prices are 378 yen including tax.

"Mille feuille ★ Berry pie" is a package with luxurious feeling based on black.

Compared with iPhone 5, it is a little bigger box for cup ice.

Looking at the raw materials of "Milleuilleu ★ Berry pie", Ice milk is classified by type, strawberry and strawberry sauce, custard paste and sponge cake are included in Milfeuille like things.


Ice cups are contained in the box.

When you peel off the lid of the cup peripelli immediately ......

A powder-loaded surface like cornflakes appeared. If you tilt the container, it will spill out, so be careful when opening it.

If you try to eat the pieces as they are, it is probably a crisp texture with sweet pie texture.

When I scooped with a spoon, a custard-based yellow ice cream appeared from inside.

A frozen strawberry pulp of large size will also come out.

When mixed with a spoon it looks like a cold stone. If it mixes too tightly, the pie cloth will be squashed and crushed, but if you mix it roughly you will get a sense of crispness for a while.

"Mille feuille ★ Berry pie" is based on custard-flavored ice cream. It has become an ice that you can enjoy a crispy feeling of pie cloth, fluffy feel of sponge cake, grime of frozen strawberries with sour taste, various textures. It also adds elegance that you can feel the fragrance of nuts fluffy.

"Glamorous Cheesecake Fantasy" is a package based on Orange.

Unlike "Millefeil ★ Berry pie", the type is ice cream. Raw materials include strawberries and caramel sauces, blueberry sauces, blueberries and so on.

Since the same type of cup is used for both cups, be careful not to mix them when buying them.

Peeling off the lid of "Glamorous Cheesecake Fantasy", something is still scattered on the surface. When I try to eat it is sweet and sweet, it looks like crushed baked confectionery.

When I scooped with a spoon, I was able to immediately confirm a large blueberry with each grain.

Blueberry sauce tangles often on ice when it melts. Because strawberry and blueberry pulp are also filled, Ice has become more cold-stone ice cream.

Ice cream has smoothness like a mixture of cream cheese, but it is not bad, it is a finish that gave it a split. Combined with plenty of flesh of fruits, it is well-balanced and satisfaction is high.

Occasionally emerging caramel sauce adds a slight bitterness.

Because it is contained in a large cup of 150 ml, if you eat alone, you can fully feel satisfied, even if you share it with someone it's okay size. As for convenience store ice, it is a high 378 yen, but because the topping such as the quality of ice and fruit is also coming in, it is not about "too high!"

Coldstone's new product "Milfeuil ★ Very Pai" "Glamorous Cheesecake Fantasy" is not as flashy as the ice of the store, but it is convincing even among the premium ice that is on the market, it has become a perfect flavor for Christmas It was. It is on sale in Seven Eleven nationwide for winter only.

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