I tried all 8 kinds of "Pon de · Umai moon" whose local specialty became Pon de rings such as Monja, Sumida mochi and potato butter

Mr. Donuts used local specialties Pon de Ring "Pon de HamamonWe sell a total of 8 types for a limited time from December 4 (Wednesday). Pon de Hamaron is "Pon de · butter butter"Pon de Soda mochi"Pon de Koshihikari 糀 flavor"Pon de Monja"Pon de Ogura Toast"Pon de Okonomiyaki"Pon de Muscat"Pon de Mango"Four different kinds of donuts are sold in West Japan and East Japan, but I wanted to try everything, so I purchased it in both the West area and the East area.

Pon de Hamamon | New Items | Mister Donuts

First we arrived at Mister Donut of West Japan.

Appeal new items even at the store's head climb.

There are donuts in the shop.

There were four pieces of pon de · delicious on the very end.

I bought four kinds of donuts and went to the table.

Eight kinds of "Pon de Hamamon" were printed on the tray paper.

First of all, it is popular among Nagoya coffee shopsOgura ToastI imagined "Pon de Ogura ToastFrom. It looks like the usual Pon de Ring looks particularly ... ...

Inside there is a filling that mixes grain and koshi, and a filling that imaged butter.

Trying to find a match of texture of butter and filling of buttery flavor matches Pon de Ring fabric. It looks delicious even if buttery flavoring melts, so it seems to be good to eat it with warming.

"Pon de Okonomiyaki"Is Osaka specialty Okonomiyaki taste Pon de Ring.

Filling mixed with sauce, cabbage, pork, red ginger and bonito is used.

The taste of okonomiyaki with no sweet taste, sauce, red ginger and bonito taste mixed. Before eating, there was a bit of incongruity, but it looks like okonomiyaki that you can eat with one hand, not only as a snack but also for snacks etc.

"Pon de MuscatLight green powder sugar is covered.

Filling inside is Muscat taste. The feeling I saw was slightly jelly-like atmosphere.

Filling is rather artificial Muscat flavor with a feeling like jam rather than jelly. Muscat flavoring fillings match the fabric of Pon de Ring, but a unique aftertaste remains.

"Pon de MangoOrange powdered sugar is also overflowed.

Mango fillings like appearance like jam are sandwiched inside.

Mango filling is a jamy texture, good compatibility with Pon de Ring fabric. Just like "Pon de Muscat", smell and taste are artificial, and some people seem to be poor at aftertaste.

Then move to the East Japan area. "Pon de · potato butter" is covered with butter-flavored sugar.

There is a filling of potato butter, atmosphere like mashed potatoes.

Making a taste of potatoes that are quite intense when in the mouth. Impression that sugar and potato taste do not have imaichi cohesiveness, impudent impression.

"Pon de Soda mochiEat well in south northeast such as SendaiSolda mochiIt is a motif, powdered sugar is also applied.

There is a green filling sticking to the grain feeling of the solder (edamame).

From the filling you can feel the taste of the tightly, excellent compatibility with the fabric of Pon de Ring. In this series, it is a pretty high completion donut, a dish you want to eat with Japanese tea rather than coffee.

"Pon de Koshihikari 糀 flavor" is a pon de ring which used "Kojiji" as a cream that is becoming standardized as a seasoning.

When you turn it up, you can see a whitish cream with flavor.

Made with good balance of rice and cream, soft rice grains are included in the cream and the taste of rice can be felt. It is sweet like cream buns, feeling that compatibility with dough is not bad.

"Pon de Monza" which boldly also sandwiched the monkey taste filling in the Pon de Ring is a motif of Monja-yaki which can be eaten frequently in downtown Tokyo.

Using cabbage and corn, filling filled with shrimp powder is sandwiched.

Feelings of Monja flavor and compatibility of Pon de Ring fabric are not good, it feels a bit stricter even as a summer chestnut donut.

Both are sales for a limited time. Since different products are sold in West Japan and East Japan, it seems that even if you buy it for family or acquaintance as a souvenir on business trip or returning to the area in western Japan or eastern Japan, it will be pleased.

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