Like a rice cake it grows like a rice cake Misudo "Moonobi Pon de Ring" Tasting Review Review & I have seen the unknown manufacturing site

In the history of Mr. Donut, the most stretching Pon de Ring "Moonlines Pon de Ring"Will appear on Wednesday 10th February 2016. What kind of food is it like a rice cake which is sticky and stretching Pon de Ring? That is why I have been eating at the Duskin Museum in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, while showing the state of the manufacturing site that I can not usually see.

Mister Donut

So I arrived at the Duskin Museum in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture.

A huge donut welcomes you as you enter inside.

You can read more about Duskin Museum & Mised Kitchen from the following articles.

I tried making donuts with "missed kitchen" which can make donuts such as missed fried fish honey dips - GIGAZINE

The tasting party was held in a cafe-like space in the place where it was raised by elevator.

On the table there is a new product "Nobi nobi Pon de Ring" ......

Mr. Yoshinori Muraoka of Mr. Donut product development office appeared here. I have a pounding ring that fits into the case in my hand.

By doing so, demonstrate how long the pompe de ring grows. Having a handful of rustling pon de rings ......

I will extend it to you.

It is possible to check from the following movie how the rustling pon de rings will grow.

"Deep-fried Pon de Ring" that grows like a rice toy - YouTube

When actually measuring it, it was extended to about 13 cm. Nobunagi Pon de Ring was released in 2013 "Pon de Ring students"Released in 2014"Heat and sponge de rings"The product pursued further a sense of rich moist feel like in". It seems that Pon de Ring students added materials to create elongation based on the usual Pon de Ring fabric, but this time the pioneering rings developed the base fabric itself He said that he did.

There are 3 kinds of rustling pon de rings, which are "From Nobunagori Pon de Ring" "Nobunagi Pon de Ring Chocolate Almond" "Nobunagi Pon de Ring Black Mitsukino".

Taste food from Pon de Ring.

Pon de Ring is characterized by eight spherically shaped fabrics plying 8, but the pounding rings are connected to spheres that are somewhat flat.

It is the same as the basic Pon de Ring that is coated with glaze with honey flavor.

Pull the fabric and it will grow with bayong.

I can not tear easily.

I will eat it with Pakuri. Regular Ponde Ring coexists with two kinds of texture "fluffy" and "rice cake", but the rustling pon de Ring pushed out the latter "mochi" texture strongly . As I was pretty whiplashing, I had an atmosphere like a rice cake when I was caught.

Continue, Nobunaga Pon de Ring Chocolate Almond.

This is also a somewhat flat shape. It seems that it was difficult to keep shapes that these 8 spheres are connected while developing a rich texture during development.

Chocolate and almond on the surface.

When I tried it, I was able to enjoy both almond polyporized texture and rich texture. If you are enjoying the texture directly, the rustling pon de rings coated with glazed flavored glaze are good but the combination of chocolate and almond should satisfy chocolate love.

The last is Deep Cleavage Pon de Ring Black Mitsuki Nako.

This impregnated the dough with black soap and further with kinako sugar.

When eating, the flavor and flavor of mushrooms and the flavor of black nectar spread in the mouth. Together with the texture of the dough, it was an exquisite finish that would make me want to classify it as a "new type of Japanese confectionery" rather than "donuts".

In addition, comparing Pon de Ring in the uncoated state and the fleeting Pon de Ring, it is this kind of feeling, I can understand the difference clearly.

In addition, coffee and cafe au lait are provided free of charge at Mr. Donuts, but from February 10 a new Royal Milk Tea will also appear.

It combines plenty of milk with tea made of Uka tea from Sri Lanka, the fragrance of tea is strong and mellow mouthfeel. Not to mention compatibility with donuts, of course, "I can have as many cups as the aftertaste is clear."

I enjoyed the pleasures of a new crispy freshly-baked pon de rings, and they showed me how they actually made the pon de rings.

Rush into the manufacturing site that you can not usually see.

Prepared on the workbench are fillings, eggs, oils and water.

First of all, put three materials in a container and adjust.

Inject powder further ......

I will mix with machines.

The cloth that was mixed was like a rice cake and it was in a state of deafening.

Transfer this to another machine with a spatula.

From this machine, the fabric in the shape of Pon de Ring will come out as it is.

That's why I'm introducing the fabric in the form of a pon de rings into the oil from the following.

"Nobi nobi Pon de Ring" The state of production is like this - YouTube

Deep fried while sinking the entire donut in oil in the net ......

When it is time to take out it from the oil.

Although it was somewhat flattered, it was a pond de ring, but the moment of frying up was like a basic pon de rings and was plump and stereoscopic.

I will coat this with glaze.

Staff who are accustomed to work are doing it calmly, but of course they are so hot that they are hot. The staff who held the Pon de Ring for a while for shooting was talking about "It is pretending (laugh)".

It will be completed if it is cooled down.

In addition, Nobunagi Pon de Ring will be released from February 10 (Wednesday), and will be available from February 9 (Tuesday) in Hokkaido · Tohoku area. The price is 140 yen including tax, Pon de Ring Chocolate Almond & Black Mitsuki Nako 151 yen including tax, only in the case of Tokyo and Kanagawa Pon de Ring is 151 yen including tax, Pon de · Ring chocolate almond & black Mitsuki Kuriko is 162 yen including tax. Royal milk tea will also be released on February 10 (Hokkaido · Tohoku region on February 9) at 302 yen including tax.

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