Cats keeping in touch with the injured soldiers on the battlefield to heal their hearts

In a battlefield where life is always in danger, even trained soldiers are exposed to extremely strong stress, so even after returning from the battlefieldPTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)There are also many cases that suffer from. Even in such a battlefield, cats seem to heal soldiers' injured heart.

Soldiers with Kittens | EgoTV

1.Tiger kitten

2.Commemorative photo with a cat

3.Soldiers who gently embraced the newly born cat

Four.Between the boots

Five.A soldier who gives milk to an unopened kittens yet

6.Female soldier who lifts kitten

7.It is an old picture, but the left-hand soldier is holding a cat.

8.Soldiers looking for kisses to kitten

9.Communication through local cats and cats

Ten.Fleeting heart moment in battle area

11.White cat and soldier

12.Sleeping cat reflected on the side of the commemorative photo

13.Cats receiving water under the tank

14.Cat entering into a bag and following a soldier

15.Cat and machine gun

16.A cat pounding on a fully armed soldier

17.Even a city with bullet marks will have a smile if you have a cat.

18.Discover palm-sized kittens

19.A soldier with a calm look with a cat

20.Kittens to receive milk from soldiers

twenty one.A cat on a soldier's shoulder

twenty two.A gentle smile of a soldier who plays with a cat

twenty three.Soldiers holding two cats

twenty four.Guns, military uniforms and cats

twenty five.Guerilla cat

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