Pictures of unlikely combination animals making friends

It is a mysterious photograph that friends and animals of unlikely combination are going to see blood one step if they mistake a step, such as frogs and rats, rabbits and cats, tigers and cats, dogs and cats.

I do not know why it's okay with whatever we are, but let's spend naturally together,ImprintingIs it the result of doing something like that?

Details are as follows.
Snakes and hamsters. This is scary ....

A dog, a bird and a squirrel are together.

Hippo and tortoise. Somewhat peaceful air is drifting.

Mice and frogs. It is likely to come out on a trip as it is.

Ponies and cats.

Dog and child Jika.

A cat and a turtle.

Rabbits and cats. I also eat rice at the same place.

Dogs and cats. Is the cat still a kitten?

Birds and rats. What is the situation this is.

Tigers and pigs. Belly tiger stomach band? I have put on you.

I'm sound asleep.

The original picture is on the link below.

Let's be friends
Touching photos of unusual animal friendships.

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