Try something to wear or sometimes, a cute relationship between shoes and animals

Animals are acting normally with bare feet, but various pictures are introduced that let them wear their own shoes, or that they are comfortably entering human shoes.

By wearing shoes it looks somewhere like a gesture of gestures or by dancing in people's shoes the smallness of the body is emphasized, and if you look at it you will get a little wandering.

Cute pictures of shoes and animals from the following.Pets and Shoes | My Funny Pets

I am stepping on the soil by wearing green boots.

Where are the piglets wearing red boots good?

Pugs wearing something like room shoes seem to be somewhat weak.

This seems to put boots in front of piglets using the optical illusion of the eye, but pink rugs well suits you.

Kittens with friends in boots.

Because my shoes are like a sneaker design, my feet seem to be fast.

I am wearing an elephant with a black boots-like footwear feels like a purpose for the protection of the legs.

Otters otters out a little from the boots. It fits comfortably in just good condition and it seems to be comfortable.

I am wearing matching matching shoes. Although it looks exactly like it, the smaller one is a miniature pincha and the larger one is a doberman, both like adult dogs.

Dachshund puppy that is just fit to the boots. Coupled with the fact that the material of the boot is cloth, it looks like a gift Santa Claus put in socks somewhere.

This is also a puppy in boots. However, this puppy looks a bit nervous.

I am stepping on the steps with a steady footstep. It may be that you like shoes.

Hedgehogs are wearing bright red boots. Because of the color pattern of shoes I feel like a boxer and have a brave atmosphere.

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