Panda babies just try to escape Movie will be healed

A movie trying to escape from a container by a baby in a panda placed in a container is being published on YouTube. It seems tweeting that seven babies panda in total seems to move freely without being aware of too much cute "Eyes are short ... ...!"

Panda Scout Trying to Sneak Out For Party! | IPanda - YouTube

Panda babies put in plastic containers respectively. Some children are quietly waiting in the container, but the baby on the upper left of the screen is about to move to the next container.


......, the baby in the upper right of the screen will try to escape from the container.


Use your abs to lift your body. On the other hand, the child who was about to move from the container to the container can not move and is pressing the panda next to the right.

The expression of the panda on the right is also slightly disturbing.

The panda baby who was in the upper right of the screen went back to the regrettable place but returned to the container.

But I will not give it up.

Put one side of the body out ... ...

Of course.

Great escape. While I was doing this, the panda near me was on the verge of escape.

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