Black phone-like USB connection desk light & alarm clock "USB Retro Telephone Light with Alarm Clock"

Because it is a USB connection, a lower desk light that is perfect for notebook PCs etc. is "USB Retro Telephone Light with Alarm Clock"is. Because it can be used not only as lighting but also as an alarm clock, it seems convenient to put one on the working desk, and it is long agoBlack phoneThe design which refined something has become quite stylish goods.

Detailed appearance, usage, price etc. from the following.USB Retro Telephone Light with Alarm Clock

This is "USB Retro Telephone Light with Alarm Clock". It looks like a black phone, but it is slightly refined impression. The size is about 270 mm × 157 mm × 136 mm, the weight is 396 g.

Since the light is installed in the receiver part, when using it as lighting, I pick up the receiver with this feeling.

It is said that the lighting uses 12 LEDs.

It actually looks like this.

The light switch is behind the handset.

The alarm switch was next to the main unit.

The clock backlight switch seems to work when you place the handset on the main unit.

I put a clock backlight on.

USB cable for connecting with PC is included.

The power of the clock part is not supplied from the USB, but three AAA batteries are used. By the way, batteries are not included.

The price is $ 29 (approx. 2350 yen).

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