Roll and power on Playful LED lamp "TURN ON"

It is in the form of a power mark, and it seems that there is a playful LED lamp that rolls and turns the power on / off.

It has become a simple and sophisticated design, it may be fashionable to decorate as a chic room interior.

Details are from the following.
TURN ON - lampada rotante - design Marco Lana

This is an image of "TURN ON".

This is the real "TURN ON".

Switching the power on / off by rolling in this way.

Even if the power is not turned on, since the lighting part stands out, it seems easy to understand where it is in the dark.

This lamp was designed by Mr. Marco Lana of designer, it is still in trial production stage. The size is 30 cm in length, 30 cm in width, and 10 cm in depth, but when you actually use it you will also need space to roll. There is no need to connect the power cord all the time because the rechargeable battery is installed. However, because it is designed with importance, it may not be suitable for people seeking practicality.

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