Set the keyboard light on your own

When working on a laptop in the middle of the night, have you ever thought "I can not see the keyboard and it is inconvenient?" Although there are lights that can be attached externally even on PCs that do not have built-in keyboard lights, some people stick to the built-in.

Details are as follows. Thinkpad has "ThinkLightThere is a keyboard light called "Your computer is not a Thinkpad." Well then it was a chance to make it. I think that there was a way to purchase USB external keyboard lights quietly, but I did not do I did not get any items, or was it a nuisance?

It is like this before working.

Although the shape of the key is slightly visible, it is unknown what key it is. People who can touch typing may be OK even this.

As soon as completed! Is it?

I had it with my hands. The goal is to set this up.

Pass the LED and wire through the hole. The electricity came to be attached by this.

Since the headquarter "ThinkLight" can write a light with Fn + Page Up, wire so that the Caps Lock key becomes the switch in the same way.

And as a result of hardships completed perfectly.

Before turning on.

After lighting.

Oh, it's bright. If you do this, you do not have to struggle to stay up all night. I also want a little, but considering the effort to open the main body and wire it is better to have an external ...

Here are other pictures.

Sprites mods - Laptop keyboard LED - Intro, disclaimer

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