Various interesting goods using PC keyboard

The keyboard of a PC attracts people's heart ... It is not certain whether or not, but various things that were made using the keyboard were introduced.

From art pieces using keyboards themselves to miscellaneous goods using keys for interesting purposes, genres are various but everything seems to make you smile unexpectedly.

Details are as below. "Korean Art & amp; Artist: Viper made of recycled keyboard"Is a keyboard snake sculpture. By placing the surrounding mouse close to the snake, familiar things will appear to be predators.

Cultivate vegetables from the keyboarddoing. Although it is not practical, it may be interesting to look as an object.

I docked the keyboard on the skateboard "SkatekeyboardWorks called. If you actually use it as a skateboard, it sounds awesome sounds.

A lamp that controls the brightness of the room literally, "CTRL And Shift Key Desk Lamps". Other than the Ctrl key, there are also Shiht key shaped.

Jean ShinArt work by hand "TEXTileIt's like a blanket long keyboard. Most of them do not respond when pushed, but only the 3 rows at the end are designed to function as a keyboard.

A classic snack made well when camping in the USA,SmearIt is a material ofMarshmallows and chocolates, then keyboards made with biscuits. Although it seems to be popular as an actual keyboard design, this seems to be only eaten as it is made of authentic sweets.

"Computer Key Seat"Is a huge keyboard style stool. It might be perfect for the living room of people like this kind of thing.

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