Modify the wireless controller for Xbox 360 for one hand

Since the Wii remote control is easy to operate with one hand, I do not know if there was any idea that the Xbox 360 controller could be operated with one hand, but I modified the Xbox 360 wireless controller for one hand There was a person who had gone. This makes it easier to eat snack while doing Xbox 360.

Details are as follows. The original Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is here. If you have only the right hand, the cross key or the left analog stick is the left hand, you can not press the right button group.

Started remodeling there. Remove the analog stick and the button on the right with the four-way key etc. intact. Instead of attaching the battery box.

The analog stick and the button which was removed to the back side moved. The height of the analog stick is adjusted for easy use.

I put it in a case. The button has changed to a self made one. The elongated analog stick is eerie ...

A simple front side.

However, it is a mystery whether this game can be played properly with this controller.

Other photos are below.

Single-handed wireless Xbox 360 controller

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