Personal computer that is skillfully camouflaged in the interior

It is an animal type case perfect for those who do not like the rugged case of a PC or who does not want to know the position of the personal computer when people come. It seems that heat is going to be overheated, but is the waste heat okay?

Details are as below.

Since it is difficult to adjust after assembling like an ordinary case, confirm the operation without a case.

In order to pack the parts, we open the beaver.

The contents are processed with a motorized knife.

Because I attach a fan to the back, there may be some people to see if it is a personal computer when viewed from the back.

Paste the fiberglass so that the case is not affected by heat.

Then attach the optical drive and the LED lamp to the front.

I will pack other parts as well.

Connect to various terminals from the bottom.

It is completed.

LED lamp that glows while buried in hair.

Only the power switch can be seen from afar.

Powerful presence and presence.

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