I tried comparing drinking natural water with rose extract used

I tried to buy it because I found "Aroma Rose WATER (aroma rose water)" of Itoen with natural rose extract added to domestic natural water sold nationwide from April 9 (Monday) at a convenience store "Morning Picking Rose Natural Water" of Oki Co., Ltd. which added natural rose extract to domestic natural water was displayed, so I bought both and tried comparing drinks at once.

Also "Aroma Rose WATER" and "Morning Pickled Rose Natural Water" are using Damask rose extract which is the same Bulgarian rose, and water is domestic production, but where is the difference?

Details are as follows.
"Aroma Rose WATER". I drink and smell, catch phrase.

Use Bulgarian, natural damask rose.

"Picking up morning rose natural water". It is said that the polyphenols of roses are characterized.

Also use Damask rose.

Natural water of Tsumagoi village of Gunma prefecture is used.

I tried out it in a cup. Both appearance is just water.

It is an impression that I tried drinking, but "Aroma Rose WATER" of Itoen is common with taste and scent. Kanji like a real natural scent of roses. There is resistance to drinking a little because of scent, but I can not drink it.

On the other hand, Oki Co., Ltd.'s "morning picking rose natural water" is natural water using the same damask rose, but it is more rich in taste and aroma than "Aroma Rose WATER", it feels as if squeezing out the extract of the rose It is getting. As soon as I put it in my mouth, I remembered the scene that gargle with perfume, which was in the movie "Gone with the wind." It may be difficult to drink at once in a sweet smell of roses if it is not a person who has considerable resistance.

As I wrote an article after finishing comparing both drinks, the fragrance of the rose rose from the stomach .... Is not it good for those who want to live buried in one million roses, which seems to be using perfume, shampoo, bath agent, room aroma etc all in aroma like roses all of the time.

The official page of each is here.

"Aroma Rose WATER" (Aroma Rose Water) will be on sale from Monday, April 9: News Release | Itoen

Picking in the morning Rose natural water

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