I drank Suntory "brown rice tea with Iyoemon green tea"

Brown rice tea has been added to the Iemon gate series that is being released from Suntory. Although brown rice tea is not so high-grade, it is characterized by a fragrant aroma and taste, but I am looking forward to what kind of thing is in the Iyoemon brand.

Details are as follows.
Raw material is roasted rice, green tea, vitamin C.

I poured it into a glass. Compared with "Iemon gate", the color is brown and it looks like barley tea or hojiji.

It seems to be "a piece of taste of Matcha", but it did not quite understand. Although the taste is slightly astringent, it is pretty crisp and easy to drink. However, although Iyemon is a luxury item sticking to tea leaves, it is becoming brown rice tea somehow feeling of cheapness has come out. The taste is not bad, so please do as you like.

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