Luxurious interior photographs and movies of former world's largest passenger liner "Queen Mary 2"

In the past, I tried collecting photos of shipboard facilities boasted by "Queen Mary 2" which was the world's largest luxury liner, and movies of sailing. Although it is not the largest in the world, it has a total length of 345 m, a bridge part width of 45 m, a height of 72 m and a gross tonnage of 150 thousand tons, and it has a casino and a planetarium and is called "a palace on the sea". I would like to ride such a luxury liner at least once.

Details are as follows.
Queen Mary 2 seen from the bow direction.


There is a theater up to the second floor.

There seems to be a library.

Shipboard casino.

"Britannia restaurant".

Stairs in the restaurant.

Night club and bar.

Outdoor pool.

A pool that shines at night.

Room with balcony.

Living room. It is wider than ordinary apartment living room.

"Queens grill".

A shop in Hermes on board the ship.

Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 2 pass each other. Queen Mary on the left and Queen Elizabeth on the right.

Queen Mary 2 going through Kinmen Bridge.
YouTube - Queen Mary Slips In

Bridges and boats are lighted up at night.
YouTube - Queen Mary 2 leaving San Francisco

It seems that the bridge of Queen Mary 2 is seen as a web camera. It seems to be offshore heading to New York at the time of writing the article, but I could not see anything.

Queen Mary 2: Bridge Cams

Site of Cunard that owns Queen Mary 2.

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The world's largest luxury liner is the "Ultra Voyager Series" of Royal Caribbean International, with a total length of 338 m, a total width of 56 m, a total height of 63 m and a gross tonnage of 160 thousand tons, and in terms of size it is Queen Mary 2 The number seems to be larger. In addition, Royal · Caribbean International said that it plans to bring the ultra-large passenger ship "Genesis" with a total length of 360 m, a width of 47 m, a height of 73 m and a gross tonnage of 220 thousand tons in the autumn of 2009 in the Royal Caribbean International.

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One fan of the Ultra Voyager series, Voyager of the Sheath's fan site.

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Crystal harmony with a total tonnage of 48,821 tons is so big.

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