KDDI to introduce "EV-DO Advanced" communication technology that can use more comfortable communication with au terminal

KDDI is three times the size of the conventional "CDMA2000 1x EV-DO Rev. A" from the autumn / winter 2010 model,"EVDO multi-carrier" that realizes communication speed of maximum downlink 9.2 Mbps and uplink maximum 5.5 MbpsWe are against the NTT docomo and SOFTBANK MOBILE which deploy "HSDPA" service of downward 7.2 Mbps by introducing a communication method called as "Downstream" but there is concern that the traffic volume will increase due to the popularization of smartphones , Further comfortable communication becomes possible "EV-DO AdvancedIt is clear that it is a policy to introduce communication technology called "

Details are as below.
Professional information magazine for business leaders of the telecommunications industry currently on sale "Monthly TelecommunicationsMay 's issue.

Introduction of efforts of each company as measures to cope with communication charges expanding on smartphones.

Among them, Mr. Yoshihisa Ouchi of Mobile Quality Planning Division Mobile Technology Planning Division KDDI Technical Planning Division, Mr. Yoshihisa Ouchi said, "We believe that there is no problem in the short term because we are striking base stations closely in areas with high traffic. In addition, I am working on preparing for the spread of smartphones, "explaining the countermeasure. And as part of that, it is mentioned that introducing CDMA2000's latest technology "EV-DO Advanced".

Control image of "EV - DO Advanced". "Enable other base stations with radio waves to be used when communication is crowded and no speed," measures such as "to change the area covered by one base station according to network crowded" In order to achieve efficient communication. With this technology, it seems that improvement of effective speed can be expected.

A smartphone that supports both "CDMA 2000" and "mobile WiMAX", a subsidiary UQ Communications' s maximum downlink transmission rate of 40 Mbps and uplink maximum of 10 Mbps "Htc EVO WiMAX ISW 11HT"KDDI is setting out various measures to cover the communication speed aspect that was a weak point, such as releasing" EV-DO Advanced "in the future what kind of schedule will be introduced Where it is.

Also, KDDIWe plan to carry out summer 2011 model presentation on May 17thIt has become.

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