I ordered a top-quality menu of Watami Takushok, "Magokoro Manabe", which a nutritionally balanced lunch delivered everyday

Even so farMagokoro menuTo "Magical side dishes"Although I ordered a delivered lunch box provided by Watami Takushoku, there are 8 types of dishes and more than 25 items of ingredients, the most gorgeous" 150 g of vegetables can be taken with one meal "Magokoro MayuI also asked for it.

As for "Magokoro Okaze", there is no staple food as well as "Magokoro side dish", so it is only for side dishes, so you need to prepare rice etc. separately. "Magokoro everything" which seems to put effort into the dishes as much as there is no staple food, how is it a gorgeous lunch?

Details of 'Magokoro' are from below.Magokoro meal delivery Watami Takushoku: Masako Mayori

The box lunch will be delivered in a large cool box.

Previously it was a rectangular lunch box, but this time it is a square lunchbox. In addition, washing the container which has finished eating lightly and returning it when the next home delivery comes.

This is the 1st day menu. As you can see, there are powerful as well as eight types of dishes.

The main is "boiled beef boiled".

Pickled white fish in Nambucana.

Mimosa salad.


Boiled vegetables in tomatoes.

Dip ginseng and hijiki.

Sweet potato walnut.

Stir-fried radish and konnyaku. By the way, the calorie of this day was 458 Kcal and the salinity was 4.5 g.

Next, it is the 2nd day menu. It was said that food was not available on the day due to the earthquake disaster, and the menu was changed just before.

A Japanese style dish of red fish, centered around Saikyo grilling, line up. In addition, it is 361 kcal in all and salinity is 4.7 g.

This is the third day.

The main is "stir-fried beef with pork and picked vegetables".

There is also "omelet's meat sauce", if there is "sweet potato tempura", it is a Japanese and Western style menu. The total calories are 669 Kcal, the salinity is 4.5 g, which is slightly higher calories, but the reputation of the taste was good.

Menu on the fourth day is centered on fresh "Red fish braised boiled" but also "Mabo Tofu", it never makes me feel unsatisfactory. The calories are 388 kcal and the salinity is 3.9 g.

It is the fifth day of the last day. The menu has changed due to the earthquake also on this day.

The main is "fried chicken and simmered chestnut".

Teriyaki of mackerel.

Praise of stem and cucumber.

Pickles of the day.

Simmered radish and garland.

Calisho steamed steamed chicken.

Stewed kelp and pork.

Garlic saute with cute mushrooms. It was 545 Kcal on this day and 4.1 g of salt.

The taste tendency seems to be somewhat luxurious for hospital food if it is not strong such that everyone can convince the same as "Magokoro Gyosen" and "Magorous Side Side". In addition, 'Magokoro Manabi' is a system contracting five days' worth of Monday - Frid as one set, total 6,300 yen per serving for 1 person, total 3,350 yen for 1 person, 1 table 630 yen for 2 people, total 6300 yen, If it is 3 people, the total amount of 617 yen for a meal is 9250 yen, which is about 100 yen higher per meal compared with "Magorous side dishes".

This time I got the lunch box for 3 weeks delivered, but I thought that the system of Watami Takushoku, which allows you to enjoy nutritionally balanced diet with daily change, is quite useful if it matches the needs of users It was. Perhaps a perfect lunch for someone who says that the price per meal rises by 100 yen and two types of dishes are added and the nutritional balance becomes a better menu, so it is a bit unsatisfactory for "Magoroid Side dish".

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