Owner of a super luxury sports car 'Lamborghini' hires a mob with a hammer to destroy his car

Chinese richest man owns his own luxury sports car "Lamborghini Gallardo(Approximately 37 million yen in selling price in China) "to thoroughly destroy the movie hiring a group with a hammer and beat out Bokkoboko.

Although it is a rich man, it seems to behave too much, but what exactly happens and what kind of idea does it take action to destroy luxury cars?

The playback of the movie is from the following.【Beaters】 Male Employer 砸 豪 car fuel 兰 基 -

Lamborghini owner hires sledgehammer-weilding mob to destroy his car - Asylum.co.uk

While a lot of people are watching, a group dressed in a purely blue work clothes hits a Lamborghini with a hammer in hand.

Instead of working clothes, men who wore a suit also went down together hammering down. Apparently this man seems to be the owner of Lamborghini.

Destruction will progress further as television, newspaper and blooming media gather together.

Eventually I got on top of the car.

Even though we are beaten by this mercilessly, even though it has not reached a devastating level, I feel that it is a luxury car.

While lookingBonus Stage of Street Fighter 2I was reminded.

People watching the progress of things are taking pictures with mobile phones, etc. because it is a rare scene.

In the last part, the lower part of the car body was also broken. It seems that I have been hired by money and steadily destroying all of the car body.

According to this rich man, one day the engine of the car ceased, so I sent it to Lamborghini China for repair, but the car I came back was not able to repair the engine, and the body was scratched So, it seems that this action triggered this action. Moreover, on the day when destruction was done appeal for the establishment of rights of consumersWorld Consumer Rights DayIt was that it was.

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