An angry hammer in "Pakuri car", a movie that blows up after blowing up is a big reverberation

From the China where various car manufacturers are ruled by the ruler, a fake car which copied the existing car model as it is, has appeared, and the voices of criticism from around the world are raised. A German man who boiled the business on such a copy car too much ponkuts performed the performance to destroy and blow up the vehicle, and it is supposed to get a big response on YouTube.

Wir sprengen den Boss: der Shuanghuan CEO (2014)

I was suffering from the destruction and blown up this time as a Chinese automaker "Bicycle train(Shuan Hwang · Auto) "that SUV sells"CEO".

When looking at the "CEO" from the side, if you like cars, you can expect the feeling of "looking exactly like that car ...".

The answer is that the German automaker · BMW's SUV "X5". It is very similar from the basic shape of the car body to the wheel arch, the tail light, and every detail.

Looking from the back, "CEO" (left) receives the impression that it removed power from "X5".

The company that developed "CEO" is a company that has been accused of imitating various vehicles so far. When it tried to bring "CEO" to the German car show in 2007, it is also known that the move from the head home BMW to stop "exhibition cancellation" was issued. Even at the following manufacturer site, vehicles that have something to look like are appearing ... ....

Futoshi Railway Authority - Futoshi Kaikan International Dual Network

Not only are we copying the design, but also that the quality is low. The rust floated on the body, the paint was boggy.

The roof rail also paint is bald bald.

The mileage is over 100,000 kilometers and it is a car that is running as it is, but this decaying way is eye-witting in a sense.

The engine room is also quite good.

Mr. Wolfgang · Blabe, the owner of the anger. Mr. Bravery, also a car journalist, seems to be unacceptable by "CEO" as one who is involved in cars in the automobile powers and Germany. This movie was made and released by a famous German auto magazine "Auto Bild".

It seems like that natural anger is also natural as I look around the brakes that seems to be unlikely to be impossible.

Also a shocking scene called a brake pad with pads peeled off. Even though it is a copy product, it is impossible to get it.

It seems that angry fellows are also directed towards driving performance. In pylon's slalom run, the car body rolls violently and it looks like it is getting into understeer where the direction does not change even if you turn the steering wheel.

When sudden braking is applied from high speed driving ......

The rear slipped out just before the spin.

In "Elk test" which operates the handle to the left and right intensely, it results in stepping on the pylon without being able to bend well. Although I can not see how it is exaggerated a little, I can feel the basic performance sufficiently.

The rear suspension that looks sharp has the same structure as the type often used for trucks and the like. Although this structure is not bad, it is not a type used at least for BMW X5 class car models.

Mr. Bloube of anger decides to destroy the vehicle thoroughly from here. First of all, I pulled out engine oil and coolant, and started running in that state.

As I ran about 2 km, the engine died dead.

Next, I followed the fire engine.


It is a bit big deal to keep the CEO clean.

Large water discharge inside the car.

The car body is filled with water and water and sunk by weight.

Open the door and jar. It's simple to do, but it makes me anger.

Finally, Ono appeared.

Guts in the hood

I will peel off the inner lining of the door as well.

Mr. Blabe looks like she can not keep his anger behind the "CEO" who became popping heart.

I got a driver. I wonder where to disassemble ... ...

Drive the body gently. Surprisingly classic sanctions.

And finally, I brought out things like dynamite ....

Mr. Blabe who hands the detonator.



Again from another angle. Everything is too close in distance, apparently it was okay.


"I've buried this onboro," said Mr. Blabe with a satisfying expression. British · BBC program "Top gear"Also shows a lot of pretty much unpleasantness, but this time it seems to be good to say that it is comparable to or superior to that.

This movie calls great reaction that YouTube's viewing frequency greatly exceeds 700,000 times, and it seems that it is likely to show further growth. Although it is an image with impact, it seems to be said that interest is gathering in the situation where copy products rampant. Some Chinese manufacturers say "everything starts with imitation" and there are remarks that can be reversed, but at the very least we only want safety performance to be made properly.

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